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Northwest Health Foundation wishes everyone and safe and healthy summer!

Public Health LPN, Pam Stupniski assesses Deklan Gibb's developmental skills as part of the infant's check up.

Mom, Angel Bulldog, holds her toddler, Anisha Didzena, still as Heather Carnell, Public Health RN, administers her immunization.

Dr. Brian Tyrell and RNs Jakie Schmidt and Debbie Juckles monitor Mayor Peter Ernst during the Grand Opening of the Stress Testing Clinic at the Northwest Health Centre.

Staff at the Northwest Health Centre organized a "Fun Bike Race" during Nurses Week to help raise funds for the Foundation.

Carol Anne Smyl, RN with Home Care gets tested with the Toe Pressure Kit purchased for the Primary Care Network, Occupational Therapist and Home Care. The toe-pressure machine is used to easily assess arterial circulation.

RN’s, Tim Abbott and Debbie Juckes prepare to discharge newborn, Shawn Didzena.

Head Nurse, Susie Klassen assists dad, Matt Garossino, with cutting the umbilical cord on his infant daughter, Emma.

AHS Paramedic, Gary Fenton checks Joshua Yatsallie’s heart rate while Volunteer Work Experience Student, Catherine Gonzales observes.

AHS - EMT, Karrie Sancan and Nurse, Elizabeth Raju check Logan Goobie's temperature during his visit to the Emergency at the Northwest Health Centre.

Head Nurse Acute Care, Amanda Dawydiuk attaches the new NST Machine purchased by the Northwest Health Foundation, to Angie Mann, Director of Area 1.


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